Gear Reducers & Repairs

Inspect & Repair

Gear reducers are a form of power transmission that increase torque through a reduction transmission. Used in both industrial and commercial installations including both mobile and stationary applications.

Our skilled machinists have the expertise to fix a wide array of gear reducers and deliver a fast and dependable repair and rebuild as quickly as possible

Even when existing gears, shafts, shims, bushings, or other components become damaged, we are able to bring them back to the original OEM standard.

From extensive inspection to fixing each component, and thorough testing – Lafayette can assure to reduce recurring maintenance costs.

Gear Reducer Manufacturers We Service:

  • Boston Gear
  • Brevini
  • Brooks-Hansen
  • Browning
  • Cone Drive
  • Dodge Reliance
  • Falk Rexnord
  • Flender/Siemens
  • Foote-Jones
  • Grove
  • Link-Belt
  • Nord Drivesystem

  • Radicon
  • SEW/Eurodrive
  • Sumitomo/Hansen
  • Winsmith 


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